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Ski touring trail

Discover the ski touring route "Au fil de l'Aup"!
Itinerary is closed since 6th April 2019.
Go on a marked and secured trail with a difference of 619 m:
- Departure: bottom of the Célestine track at 1577 m,
- Arrival: summit of the gondola of the Aup de Veran at 2196 m.
A new activity sponsored by PLUM, manufacturer certified Grand Massif Origin!

Download the map (PDF)

Some precautionary rules:
- the itinerary is not recommended for beginners,
- the climb route is signposted (markings shown in the image below),
- the route is exclusively for climbing, the descent is made only by the open runways (plan your climb time),
- the maintenance of the trace is done by the users,
- the route can be closed totally or partially, by the service of the tracks, for reasons of safety.
- This route crosses a tetra-lyres refuge zone, the markup must be respected and dogs are prohibited.
If needed :
No. of the first aid resort: +33 4 50 90 80 58